Over the last 12 years as your Planning Commissioner, Councilmember, and Mayor, Joan Cox worked hard to solve community issues, conserve city resources and put residents first.


Joan cares about Sausalito residents

Joan understands Sausalito will face serious issues in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the California fires.  Disaster preparedness, financial resilience and infrastructure investment are key.


Joan cares about our waterfront  

Joan chaired the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) and clearly advocated for the preservation of our unique town!  Joan cares that the seas are rising and has demonstrated a clear commitment to protecting and preserving our small-town quality of life and heritage of our waterfront while identifying creative solutions to facilitate our best long term future

Joan cares about Richardson's Bay

Joan wants to restore Richardson's Bay.  As a member of the Waterfront Committee, Joan established the Safe Harbor program providing anchorout slips and other services for anchor-outs.

Joan cares about Sacramento and its influence

Joan is especially qualified as a municipal attorney to deal with Sacramento lawmakers and has successfully advocated for Sausalito on a variety of issues.​

Joan cares about pensions

As a member of the Finance Committee, Joan developed a long-term balanced budget to accommodate escalating pensions while maintaining basic services.

Joan is a collaborator

In the 4 years Joan was on the City Council, the Council got more done and had more 5-0 votes than any Sausalito Council in recent history


Joan Cox has the experience and competence to assure residents have a voice in planning the future of Sausalito.