I am passionate about solving community issues, conserving city resources,  and putting residents first.


My goal is to build a strong community and keep Sausalito special. 

Joan came to Sausalito in 1985 and embraced our town from the minute she arrived! She is competent, committed and experienced in keeping Sausalito special.

Joan has served on the City Council for four years during which she and her fellow councilmembers collaborated to accomplish the City's business -- including upgrading streets and roads, upgrading public parks, solving bicycle congestion, and addressing issues of homelessness on Richardson's Bay, despite facing the challenges of a landslide and a pandemic.  Nearly all City Council votes in the past 4 years were unanimous.


Joan served on the Planning Commission for 8 years where she has used her skills as a 20 year municipal attorney to:

  • Oppose transient shelters in residential neighborhoods

  • Oppose high density housing in nine neighborhoods

  • Support reasonable growth and

  • Champion Open Space Sausalito


Joan’s experience representing cities and counties throughout California allowed her to look “outside the box” and negotiate with agencies in Sacramento to include live-aboards and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in our Housing Element to avoid high density development.


Joan is committed to maintaining Sausalito as a special place. She is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Sausalito Woman’s Club, Friends of the Library, Sausalito Historical Society and the Sausalito Foundation.